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Default The life of illuminati sex slave Mauri

This website describes the experiences of illuminati sex slave Mauri. Mauri grew up in a family practicing witchcraft and Satanism. Her father was a pedophile and abused her when she was young. Like many illuminist or Satanist they gave away their daughter to train her as a sex slave. Het story is somewhat similar to Blue Angels experience which is not surprising. Many woman are trained as sex slaves when they are young. Mauri talks about the germans she met when she was a sex slave. She goes into a lot of detail about the torture methods they use to create mind controlled slaves. I do not want to talk about this here, but if you want to know more about that, just go to here website. I warn you, its not for weak minded people.

One place where according to her illuminati slaves are trained is China Lake military base and many other military bases around the US. Apparently there are cages with kids in it hanging from the ceiling there. The cages are from metal and electricity is past through them. The young kids get electroshocks. Sometimes they perform human sacrifices in front of these kids in order to traumatize them. Trauma is needed to split their brain into multiple personalities.

One other interesting thing she talks about is the alien agenda of the illuminati. We all heard about the greys. According to her she was forced to play grey alien when she was about ten years old. She and a bunch of other little girls were painted grey and a kind of ski mask was put on their head. They also got some goggles. Than they were sent into in room full were the drugged up “alien abductees” could see them. Eventually the illuminati want to stage an alien invasion in order to unite mankind under the one world government.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the society you life in, just read her stories. I warn you, its quit confronting.

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