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Default Re: The life of illuminati sex slave Mauri

Shadow wrote:
It is not an obsession. It is actualy concern for your mental health.

There isn't anything wrong with my mental health. You must be referring to Springsteen. You are obsessed with me and I suggest you get a life. Certainly you must have something better to do. I don't find your compassion the least bit flattering. Besides, there are plenty of people, besides anonymous Internet posters who are aware that my mental health status is completely balanced.

Come on, over 300 pages of mindless drivel over a musician that you have an unhealthy obsession with? This would be worse than stalking!

You are a stalker and as Springsteen depicts in his songs, he is a stalker. I'm writing about abuse by the man when I was a child. That's not an obsession. Those are the facts.

You claim to be a wife and a mother! Yet you spend so much time here and BTX and God knows where else obsessing and stalking. If you truly had a family, what would they think?

I don't claim anything and it's none of your business. I'll spend time wherever I choose. It's none of your business. That would be my husband's business. It's my job. Deal with it. I stalk no one. I obsess and stalk no one and no where. I am writing about Springsteen's abuse of me when I was a child. That's not stalking or obsessing. That's a fact. You are the stalker and so, too, is Springsteen as depicted in his songs.

What kind of mother would you be if you neglected your children in order to spend almost every waking hour on mindless forums?

My personal life is none of your business, but FYI, my children are fine individuals because I am a wonderful mother, wife and friend. I don't spend every waking hour on mindless forums and if I did, that's none of your business either. That would be the fanatics and "cult" members over at BTX.

Yes, you truly need some help.

Yes, you truly need to find something important to do rather than stalking me and posting untruths. You are in need of help. I wonder why my posting here bothers you? Some vested interest in Springsteen, no doubt?
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