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Default Re: since UN sanctions were imposed

I kinda think along those same lines, hope.


How fortunate are we in this forum not to be living under those conditions? While it may be our bastardo "democratic" governments who are imposing such hell upon so many children in Iraq and many other nations... how fortunate are we?

Hope, you ever lived without running water?
Ever watched your child die cuz there were no meds?
I find it so completely hard to fathom this life those poeople are surviving. They are so brave in my mind. We are the cowards.

We, who have so much, do so little. But what can we do? Realistically? Sit around and wait for what goes around to come around?

I had a most interesting conversation yesterday. The local government tried to bump my friend off cuz he/she was part of the plot to smuggle through the "terrorists" working on the GOVERNMENT'S BEHALF, through sleepy Nova Scotia, who would have thought.

This summer I'm gonna video a lot of these backwater places. Nova Scotia needs a good doco done on her savage ways. I also thought somewhere down the road I would take a trip to Newfieland and film Byron's story and meet his family to understand better his story and spread the truth.

Back to Iraq

I think this fiasco of a man made creation is in God's hands now and I think he's gonna be meeting out some divine justice, somewhere down the road.

Genocide is wrong.

Apharteid had no inkling to give Africa back to the blacks - they chose to wipe them out through release of the aids virus instead.

Genocide is wrong.

When will it end? When the majority of folks acknowledge the truth - acknowldege God?

Those boys were the facade, for the truth. Al Quaida my ass. Cisis and CIA for sure. No different than the Rotary club and the masons. Seems like everything and anything has been infiltrated these days with government assholes oops operatives.
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