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Default Re: The life of illuminati sex slave Mauri

BlueAngel wrote:
Peter wrote:
No problem. You are welcome.

To many idiots here on this forum. I thought this would be a better place than the other blogs I was posting. Seems the internet is full of idiots. A can understand the arrogance of the illuminists if I read all these idiotic postings on this forum. Almost nobody is interested in discussing conspiracies here except topics about reptiles, global orgasms and disinfo artists such as ron paul.

You are right, Mauri's story does ofcourse not confirm your story.

Anyway, her site is very informative, but confronting. But like she says. We have to face these issues otherwise it will end badly with us.
I read most of her site. Does she say who her handler was?

Yes, the Internet is full of idiots.

Yes, this site seems to attract a handful of Ron Paul followers.

No one is interested in discussing; just arguing their point, but there are plenty of readers.

Yes, shape-shifting lizards seem to catch one's imagination.

As you said, Icke speaks and people listen, but have they ever seen evidence as to Bush shedding his skin?

Unbelievable what the sheeple will believe.
Of course you do, but as Peter!

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