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Default Re: This Lady Has A Personal Chip Story (?)

DoctorX wrote:
Is she really that far out there? I don't know about you but I think she could be right. We just don't know what type of technology the evil ones have.

You shouldn't be fooled into thinking that just because the chip technology has become 'mainstream' only a few years ago the govt didn't already have it decades ago. Black budget technology is a big deal. Who knows what kind of dark things they have in store.
Dr. X:
Yes, you are right. There are probably people who have had the chip put in decades ago. Maybe that is why we have had certain crimes, terrorism, etc. Timothy McVeigh.
It's just that her tone was a bit off. She is probably a very concerned person about these things. On several threads I and a few others have mentioned somethings that alerted us on a personal level. You are right. You never know.
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