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Default The Relationship between jews & illuminati?

What do you know about illuminatis' are just crusts of bread. some people think that there is a fight against each other, but I have another theory or opinion. In my opinion, Jews were fedup of muslims & illuminati were fedup with popes & christians who beleave in religion alone. illuminati tried to connect christianity with science but they didn't succeed. On the other hand, they joined the jews to make plans. the jews started to own some companys & the illuminati give there symbols as logos for the jews companys. for example, starbucks, cbsnews, abcnews & other companys. they add spys to muslims & christians to let them attack each other. it is there plan instaid of attacking them let them attack each other & you will think they are innocent. they are the ones who planed or gave the idea to blow towers & subway stations. & what about the church attacks that happen. Or the shia attacks the sunni. Shia hate sunni its in thair blood. So the illuminati must work undercover in shia. info almost all the attacks are from shia. sunna just sit in thair homes watch prison break. I am sunni a muslim. 8-)

So this brings the subject comment if you support my opinion or disagree with my opinion.

There are three religions that are kings to all religions:
:-x Islam, Christianity & Jewish :-x
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