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Default Re: CyberStalking: A sure sign of Mental Illness...

notice: I sincerely apologize for the waste of an “underline” just below...

redrat11, blueangel is without question a very sick, and perturbed individual.

she makes no sense whatsoever, and it makes no sense interacting with her, period (end of argument)

she is nothing but a lousy (waste of anyone’s time) and perhaps other things too

ask Henry Makow to expel her from this forum for “ever” not to be able to return for “ever” and “ever”

she deserves to be “cast away” for the rest of “time”

then we can destroy all of her “filthy” and “pathetic” threads and all of her useless writings...

then, and only then, can we all return to normalcy, like humble and humane not know-it-all bloggers

let’s all make such a request... and hope that Henry wishfully does not entirely “close” this site instead

let’s all make such a request...
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