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Default Re: CyberStalking: A sure sign of Mental Illness...

me9G7X5t1r2M wrote:
notice: I sincerely apologize for the waste of an “underline” just below...

redrat11, blueangel is without question a very sick, and perturbed individual.

Could you imagine spending your time on a forum trying to convince whomever is reading my writings that I am a perturbed individual when those who read what I write know that I'm not, but that SPRINGSTEEN is and the two posters thus far on this thread, ME9 and RedRat have some vested interest in constantly stalking me and attempting to defame my character. Gee, it couldn't be because what I speak is the truth now, could it?

she makes no sense whatsoever, and it makes no sense interacting with her, period (end of argument)

An attack thread posted about me. Not the first, of course.

she is nothing but a lousy (waste of anyone’s time) and perhaps other things too

I'm a waste of their time, but they continue to waste their time on me.

ask Henry Makow to expel her from this forum for “ever” not to be able to return for “ever” and “ever”

Why do you want to get rid of me? Don't like hearing the truth?

she deserves to be “cast away” for the rest of “time”

Really, cast away, because I am a threat no doubt and have exposed Springsteen for the sexual deviant, mind controller and abuser that he is.

then we can destroy all of her “filthy” and “pathetic” threads and all of her useless writings...

My writings aren't filthy. They are the filth that was perpetrated upon me by filthy people such as Springsteen. Now, RedRat's writings are filthy.

then, and only then, can we all return to normalcy, like humble and humane not know-it-all bloggers

You can never return to normalcy because you have never been normal.

let’s all make such a request... and hope that Henry wishfully does not entirely “close” this site instead

Even if the site were closed, there will be more to come in the form of public exposure. Be careful what you wish for.

let’s all make such a request...
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