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Default Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.

Shadow wrote:

This is about the time that someone gets sick enough of you that they start compiling all of the meaningless crap that you so graciously manage to post on a 24/7 basis.

They don't have anything better to do with their life? Didn't think so.

You of course beging to have yet another episode and begin to be rather vulgar in your attacks as well as begin threatening other people, mainly though private postings and end up getting banned yet once more.

I'm never vulgar in my attacks. I never threaten anyone. I never privately post anyone.

I thought that it was the gerbil that was up to the task, but I guess not.

None of you are up to the task.

There were a couple of other candidates that I thought would have been doing it by now but I guess you had driven them out by boring them to death.

Everyone is the captain of their own ship.

I could do it myself, but why waste the keystrokes. I imagine that it may be Peter that finaly drives you over the edge. Kind of ironic, you driving yourself over the edge.

You keep talking about not wanting to waste your time, but that's all you do. I never go over the edge. That seems to be the problem, eh, Shadow?
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