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Default Re: Club conspiracy is closing????

obviously Henry Makow has more important things to do, and it is no longer worth his effort

some people that post here, certainly do not belong in this forum. their rules of engagement are very hostile, are disrespectful, and often times are even insane

they have no respect for others or themselves.

they know that they are way out there, out of touch, and in another reality, yet they keep telling themselves and everybody else here, that is not them, but everybody else, and obviously we can all see that there is something seriously wrong with that statement and specially the person who keeps hammering this upon the rest of us.

I sincerely think that Henry is serious this time. he will close the site and let it go. nothing is going to be lost but some egos, a lot of wasted text, and the time of those who live here, for lack of something better to do with themselves

at this point he is looking for someone to take over the responsibility, pay the bills, moderate, and dispose of some of the problem members that have gotten us here

be well
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