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Default Re: Manmade global warming is a fairy tale

Notice the web address "climate warming denial". Denying manmade climtate change is now similar to holocaust denial. What will haopen next to these scientist? Will they be prosecuted for denying manmade climate change? I know some professors got threatend to be fired because of climate change denial.

In this article they talk about the warming trend in the climate which occured between 1900-1940. At the same time the sea ice at the artic retreated north and the co2 concentrations were about the same as now. Than between 1940 and 1970 the temperature went down and the border of the sea ice moved south. since 1980 it is warming up again and the border of the sea ice is moving north. Now its at the same latitude as in 1940 again. In the 1970 the experts were warning of global cooling and wrote books about that. Now the same guys write about global warming and write books about that. Seems their opinion is as changable as the climate itself.

One of the reasons the illuminsts are promoting climate change scare is to raise taxes. Farths of animals are taxed now in australia. No kiding. In the future they might even start taxing the CO2 we emmit. Its all part of being a slave and paying your dues to your master. :-? :-? :-?
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