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Default Re: CyberStalking: A sure sign of Mental Illness...

me9G7X5t1r2M wrote:
blueangel wrote:
Does Babs think Bush is a shape-shifting reptilian, such as ICKE believes, and therefore, the reason she states with sarcasm that they're the good guys?
does DA (dim-watt) think "Clinton" is the "real shape-shifting reptilian" (Lewinsky proved to be true), such as ICKE believes, and therefore, the reason she "insinuates" that Barbara thinks something about "Bush being a shape-shifting-reptile," is so that to distract, and take away attention from Bush, the "Mission Accomplished Hero" of all "barbaric" war times... the "relentless" War Drumming "Patriot"... and by connecting him with such reptiles would discredit his "mission" accomplishments... (which would make her very unpatriotic indeed)

or is she just a "thread-killer" (thread-killer - [n] an instigator; someone who talks non-sense in response to someone's legitimate post in an effort to create chaos, disorder, distrust, and to ridicule an opinion in order to perform "character assassination" of the original thread poster and to "demonize" their views from legitimate potential readers...)
You've proven yourself to be a thread killer and your obsession with me showcases your mental illness.

Your question about shape shifting lizards would be better asked of Barbara, the author of this thread, but you prefer to continue your stalking of me instead.
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