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Default Should this site close permanently?

My first response would be YES! this site should close because it no longer functions as a conspiracy forum. It has been hi-jacked by 888888888 and ****** to throw wrenches into(the wheel of knowledge) any, and all dissent concerning the JEW NWO, Makow has probably had enough of maintaining this site for "whatever reasons" that is his perogative. But, should this site close, that is the question that awaits for 2008.

What really will happen to this world in 2008, do you think it's possible that the PTB are going to "clamp down" on political and conspiracy forums just as I wrote on this post on a thread created by JIMBO?

Post# 8 on The Trashing The CONSTITUTION Thread..


Thought Crimes are Just Around The Corner...

Not In a Million Years...

The House passed this Dangerous Bill a few days ago, YOUR NOT GOING TO BELIEVE IT! it says basically that EVERYONE ON CONSPIRACY FORUMS ARE TERRORIST. Not in those exact terms, but, that is what they seek, COMPLETE THOUGHT CONTROL.

Every one of these Congress people who voted for this crap should be*********** well, I'll leave it to your imagination. Unbelievable. :-o

Read here.

Here is the thread

So what if what I write comes to fruition in 2008, I believe it will because as the elections get near, you will see even more political dissent in the U.S. shut down. This is already evident as Ron Paul set a ALL TIME RECORD FOR FUNRAISING, and not one of the Lamestream JEW media outlets says the truth about it, they say "LONGSHOT" in last place, R. Paul has raised more money than any Republican candidate, but, he is still a last place contender, what a bunch of RUBBISH!

R. Paul in every magor Independent Poll not manipulated by the JEW MEDIA is in first place, but in the ZIO-MEDIA COMPLEX he is dead last..go figure.

So, if he does.nt take IOWA, so freekin what, he does'nt need any DAMM primary, he can still win the Presidency on sheer number of voters, I think, or has that part of voting been manipulated as well? Of course, but, not every state.

If Rudy G is given the Nod against Hillary, which by every single poll were told that those two are the prime candidates (PURE LIES!)then what? wait for another freekin 'terrorist attack.'

Rudy The Zio-Stooge

Teh, as i hear every now and then.

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