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Default Re: Should this site close permanently?

Peter wrote:
Interesting Redrat. I have to read more about this bill in congres.

Peter, you mentioned in the R. Paul thread that "silly Patriots" and there "constitution" non-sense, care to explain that, do you now see how utterly disgraceful those words could be percieved to be?

Do you see that no-matter what people like you or Blue Angel think of the Founders of this nation, the simple fact remains that not all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were Freemasons, in fact if you did your homework, you would find that the "CHRISTIANS" who were the magority in Congress at the time gave the freemasons a pretty bad time, in fact many masons were executed for a number of reasons, even the first U.S. Supreme Court had many writings toward the Masons seen as a 'killer of the Republic' a 'conspiratorial network' that if not dealt with would eventually destroy freedom in the young country. Public hangings of masons was common in some areas of the U.S.

Even though some of the founding fathers were masons, the GENERAL PUBLIC at large did'nt like the fact of that, just because the history books say so, does'nt make it so. and then began the Assault on Christianity in America by the Banksters and there henchmen, who introduced Zionism and Israel in to the Biblical Doctrine, which of course is totally no-where in the real plans of GOD, as according to the BIBLE of true Christianity. Then just as planned, the wars, the economic depressions, etc.. this too weaken the Christian Body. get it? and you can follow there timeline all the way to 9-11 and beyond.Just my opinion there.
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