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Default Re: Should this site close permanently?

why not, or are you looking forward to the possibility of spending some time in a NWO citizen camp.

we don’t know what is going to happen in the interim, so why not “rather be safe than sorry”

shred the whole thing. there is nothing in here for which it is worth spending any time in a gulag

and I am not taking out of fear, but out of common sense

avoiding an unnecessary situation is being and playing it smart

there are other things and other circumstances that are going to require real courage and the ability to act courageously and in spite of real fear...

save your energy and your courage for that event instead

thanks to ClubConspiracy and other alternative news sites, including “Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, and” “we” already know what’s going on, and who is NWO and who’s not

yes we are going to need some means of communication, but hopefully there will be open forms of communication still available

but we are certainly going to have to learn how to communicate effectively without getting in the way of any problems or wasting any valuable time with any useless and distracting provocateurs...
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