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Default Re: Modern Metaphysical Concepts & The Paranormal

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The Paranormal – A Hollow Earth Theory ???

Barbara, I’m back for a bit I guess, & then the site is going away, so I’m going to go back & try & save some stuff I wrote about “Nikola Tesla” which I think is one of the greatest scientists & inventors ever. This guy was absolutely brilliant & then some. In addition, if you read his autobiography, for which I can provide you w/ a link, you’d realize he was nothing but a “paranormal” individual since he was a child. He traveled to other worlds, mentally, where he obtained most of the knowledge he then shared w/ the rest of us here in the planet. He, obviously, believed in extra-terrestrial life (which is taboo for some people here in this site that swear that UFOs & extraterrestrials are nothing but psy-ops to make fools out of their audience).

I can tell you have your own interests of which I have no knowledge of. I have been exposed to other things, wasn’t born here, & grew up somewhere else. After I came here, I was young enough were my culture had not been set in stone yet, & so I decided I loved the openness that this large country offered, & so I decided to learn as much as I could & try & assimilate the culture.

I always respected Americans for their sense of freedom, for being free thinkers, & free doers. They did & thought whatever they wanted, & were not afraid to talk about anything anywhere. That is the America I remember. They minded their own business, & the neighborhoods were quiet for the most part. Everyone kept to themselves, yet when it was time to party, they knew how to do that too. I have always related better to Americans than people of my own (original) culture.

Everything was great for the most part until the Clinton years. Although I never liked him, & because I can smell a liar miles away, during the later years of his tenure, he gave us one of the most financially prosperous times I ever experienced myself. Now, I think that part of it was due to the fact that they were getting ready for some major outsourcing of jobs, & so, in the years previous to that, the jobs here, at least in my field, were booming, & right before the .COM bubble burst. Then everything went sour, at least for me.

I could have sworn that you had made mention of the “hollow earth” theory, but when I came back & read what you wrote, did not find it. Maybe you took it off, or maybe, just maybe, I am just not all there. But in any case, I did come across the “hollow earth” theory (for which there is a US patent awarded) a few years back, & in around the 2000-2002 time frame I tried looking it up at work, since we were able to go online into the patent’s office, & when I tried looking it up (w/ the patent number I obtained from an article I read in Rense’s site) the patent was blocked, & I believe was not available for viewing. I don’t recall if it did say that it was classified. But I do know that it did exist, it was real, however it was not available to the general public – I am in the computer field.

I never tried to dig deeper into that, since there are so many other things of interest that are more tangible, but I do believe that it could be possible. I am open minded enough to give any idea a time to exist. For example, some people think that “reptilians” are completely out of the question, however I think that it could be possible. Michael Tsarion talks about the continent of Atlantis & how that came about, & how the “reptilians” were an offshoot of one of their DNA experiments to create a slave race. Even if that does not turn out to be true, just look at some lizards & how they have the ability (by their consciousness) to camouflage themselves w/ their surroundings, as if they possessed some state-of-the-art stealth technology. Obviously they do that at their consciousness-DNA level while it is unconsciously controlled by (as science calls it) their “reptilian” (or primitive) brain, which operates below the conscious level, such as our digestion, heat-beat, etc. If a lizard can change their DNA at will, don’t you think that a more evolved brain could not do the same? That’s why I don’t laugh at David Icke.

However, going back to our topic of the “paranormal”, I think there are many other interesting things that are relevant to the coming of 2012 & the end of the Mayan Calendar. Will we shift into a different dimension? David Wilcock, Richard C. Hoagland, & even Michael Tsarion (among many others) think that there is more there than meets the eye.

Ok, sorry, my bad, I didn’t look at the last post – I forgot to look at the last page. I'm going to have to re-read it since I forgot what you've said.

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