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Default Re: Jesuit-Trained Movers and Shakers

Robert "Bobby" Baer (born July 1, 1952), is an author and former case officer at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Baer was raised in Aspen, Colorado and aspired to become a professional skier. After a poor academic performance during his freshman year at high school, his mother sent him to Indiana's Culver Military Academy. In 1976, after graduating from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and entering the University of California, Berkeley, Baer decided to join the CIA's Directorate of Operations (DO) as a case officer. Upon admittance to the CIA, Baer engaged in a year's training, which included a four-month paramilitary course.

As a teenager in Aspen, Colorado, Robert Baer wanted to be a professional ski racer. His mother, dismayed at his low academic grades, packed him off to military school. Eight years later, in 1976, after graduating from Georgetown University School of Foreign Services in Washington DC, he decided to join the CIA, which in those days was much in the news as scandal followed scandal. For Baer, the CIA "seemed for a moment like romance itself". The agency is divided into two houses, a Directorate of Intelligence (DI) and a Directorate of Operations (DO), the latter made up of information collectors, "case officers". Baer was accepted into the DO and began a year-long training cycle, including a four-month paramilitary course.,00.html

Unfortunately, Robert Baer is not mentioned on Georgetown official site as being an SFS alumnus.
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