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for those of you into discussion about the jewish, god, satan, irag/iran, euroshit, police state, implants. this is nothing you or I are going to change.
the elite are composed of all that seek power, whether it be jew, non-jew, muslen, chinese, african, man, woman, hispanic, indian.
you don't. you seek your definition of freedom.
you and i slipped up. we are not in their plan for enrichment, enlightenment, or prosperity.

therefore you and i are not their kind.
we are only to serve them.
do you know how many people, whether you have heard of them or not-- are big big powerful players in this world? they have money. many many people do. now the handful that comprise the 6 plus major companies are the top heavies.

you just don't get it. we are in their power.
say what you want. but anything you hear in these
conspiracy rooms, newsletters, the media, or from your friends are nothing more than what is and what will be. do you see anybody making a stand or change. all talk and profit (Alex Jones, Art Bell, Mel Gibson, and Big and Little Name Celebrities, your Celebrity Religious Leaders, Your Charities, Your Own Churches, OUR LEADERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no body is calling upon you for a change. they can get your address, they don't want to.
fck who are you?? they only want you for one thing, or NOTHING.
--- peace man, sleep well.

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