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Default Re: Predictive Programming, Watching movies with a critical eye

Children of Men (2006)

Thematic and obvious PP elements:
  1. No children are able to be born through all pervasive human infertility.
  2. Fugitives are all over the place, as are civilian arrestees.
  3. Full fledged police state, with the 'posse commitatus' rule nullified (military is used as police force).
  4. Flash mob activity and terrorism abounds. It is mentioned that terroristic attacks are perpetrated by the government, this will promote fear for the government.
  5. Society has seriously degenerated: living standards have gone down the drain (poverty is common place), schools are empty and deserted (at least in the rural area), overpopulation and immigration abounds, presence of military overseen refugee camps, chaotic and discordant populations.
  6. Militant Islam is openly professed in Britain. This theatrical given helps to incite fear for Islam by the public.
Subtle and less obvious PP elements:
  1. Elderly people are mostly senile and robbed of dignity, autonomy and quite unlike being custodians of wisdom accumulated over the years of their long life (which should be more or less the norm).
  2. Subtle hints of medicine use being common place (imagery of pill strips are flashed by).
  3. Hiding behind the unarmed civil population has zero effectiveness for 'terrorists' since both parties are shot to pieces by 'counter-terrorism' armed forces. This helps to stimulate the widening of the trust gap between resistive civil groups and passive compliant groups.
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