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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

666 you've played devil's advocate for both sides.

Money comes, money goes. Things come, things go. Life is always changing. It's about relationships, people, family, humanity and God - the constant in life.

Sometimes you have money and live a good life. Sometimes you are poor and live a good life.

What greater wisdom is there than kindness, 666?

Do you think God would deny any of his children food? Let alone a specific race or creed or colour? Bush and the NWO are doing the devil's work. We are standing by witnessing state sponsored terrorism with a "Christian Crusade" flavour. "They have stains on their souls", said that idiot military brainwashed dude. Do you think he hates their religion or their colour or both? Hate is hate.

There is no chosen race. This I believe. God chose us all. That's love. He did not want to leave not one behind... that's kindness.

You have to follow your heart to heaven and let your conscious and kindness be your guide. If you can recognize the "conscious" mind of Christ... you'll have all the love in the world behind you. That is the spirit of God: the power to do good and create for the better.

Peace to all nations

What is Islam's promise for the future please?

Mary XXX
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