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Default Re: Jesuit-Trained Movers and Shakers

Head of Intelligence unit of Dept for Homeland Security
(note: exact title uncertain as position was only confirmed 15th August 2002)

John C. Gannon is Vice-Chairman of Intellibridge Corporation, a Washington firm that provides web-based analysis to corporate and government clients. Previously he served as Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (1997-2001) after serving for two years (1995-1997) as the Deputy Director for Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency. In June 1998, Mr. Gannon was also appointed the Assistant Director of Intelligence for Analysis and Production.

From 1992 until 1996, Mr. Gannon was the Director of the Office of European Analysis in the Directorate of Intelligence (DI). Before that, he held many assignments in the DI, including various management positions in the Office of European Analysis and tours on the staff of the President's Daily Brief, in the Office of Economic Research, and as a Latin America analyst.

Mr. Gannon served as a Naval Officer in Southeast Asia and later, while in the Naval Reserves, was an instructor of navigation at the Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. He has been active in civic affairs in Falls Church, Virginia, serving on the City Council and Planning Commission (as Vice Chairman and Chairman). Early in his career, Mr. Gannon taught social studies and science in a secondary school in Jamaica as a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. He also taught high school in Saint Louis.

Mr. Gannon earned a Ph.D. and an M.A. in history from Washington University in Saint Louis and a B.A. in psychology from Holy Cross College in 1966. His graduate studies focused on Latin America, and his doctoral dissertation documented the evolution of political parties in Jamaica. He speaks Spanish.


Sanctae Crucis Awards 2002
John C. Gannon '66

John Gannon came to Mount St. James at a time when President Kennedy was issuing his call to public service. In the 36 years since his graduation from Holy Cross, John Gannon has answered that call continually and courageously, with dedication, loyalty and intellectual rigor.

A man for others from the start, he left Worcester in 1966 for Jamaica and service in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. It was there that he met his wife, Mary Ellen. The romance that blossomed in the Caribbean has sustained him for over 30 years and produced three children, Jonathan, Mark and Elizabeth.

After serving as a naval officer in Southeast Asia, John earned his Ph.D. from Washington University. He began his government career soon after, working as a political analyst specializing in Latin America. Over the course of 24 years with the Central Intelligence Agency, John served as Deputy Director for Intelligence, Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, and Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production. Serving at the highest level of the nation's intelligence structure, John has become known in his field as the consummate professional. To quote CIA director, George J. Tenet, "John's record of accomplishment - in the intelligence field and in life - is truly remarkable. All of us owe him a great debt of gratitude, and so will the generations that come after us."

Currently Vice-Chairman of the Intellibridge Corporation, John oversees all analytical and client services for the company. Active in his community, he was elected to the Falls Church City Council and was appointed Chairman of his city's planning commission. He also served on the city's Economic Development Commission. And he hasn't forgotten his Jesuit roots, serving on the board of directors at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.

And yet, for all his accomplishments, John remains a man of humility, caring and humor. As one of his classmates recently wrote, "John embodies the ideals that Holy Cross seeks to inculcate?kindness, decency, respect for the dignity of all people."

For his scholarship, wisdom and guidance, and for his lifetime commitment to answering the call to duty, the College of the Holy Cross presents the Sanctae Crucis Award to John Gannon.

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