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Default Re: Modern Metaphysical Concepts & The Paranormal

Good to see you back again, Jimbo. Your intellect and insight have been sorely missed in this wasteland. When/if Club Conspiracy is no more, I will miss you greatly. It is not often that one encounters someone like you with such a wide variety of interests and knowledge, plus an open and questing mind. With very few exceptions, the posts on this forum have gone to hell in a hand basket. Infantile and boring in the extreme, to say the least.

Per your last post, please provide the link to Tesla's autobiography; I would like to download it for posterity. I have read a great deal about the man and his absolute marvels of invention but it was my late husband who was an engineer and was able to replicate some of the simpler mechanisms to produce "free energy."

Now that the theory of "empty space" has been replaced by the "electric universe," Tesla will become more relevant than ever before. All of Tesla's papers were scooped up by the government at his death (that hadn't already been stolen) and secreted away; today we are seeing weaponry based on his work with none of the good that could have come from it. So sad that he died in a rented room, penniless and alone.

While his body may have been terrestrial, certainly his essence/soul/thetan/intellect - whatever you want to call it - was not. The body was merely the vehicle for an avatar from afar to use to bring great gifts to human-kind, only to find that man was not highly enough evolved to know how to appreciate and use them. Another instance of Prometheus chained.

No doubt at lease some of the ships that we call UFOs are using electromagnetism as their method of propulsion. They can pull from all the "free energy" around them in the universe and ride the magnetic lines of force to make those startling turns and maneuvers. Antimatter is another possibility, too. Tesla undoubtedly understood that principle, also.

Between family and friends coming in from out of town - 'tis the season - I went in search of some links to the information from some of my earlier posts here. Actually, it was more like "stumbled upon," while visiting one of my all-time favorite sites.

Even if the information and subject matter is not at the top of your list of interests, I think you will find the reading enjoyable and thought provoking.

Link to T. Lobsang Rampa, Part 1 and 2.

Dr. Steven Greer,, founder of CSETI

Meetings with
Remarkable Aliens
Jim Sparks describes his life-changing encounter with reptoid aliens, whose message for saving planet Earth may veil their true intentions.

STAR FIRE - The Gold of the Gods
The true Grail bloodline originated with the Anunnaki gods in southern Sumeria at least 6,000 years ago and was sustained by ingestion of an alchemical substance called 'Star Fire

While I do not agree with everything in the above-referenced articles, I found tie-ins to things that I do believe. There is so much more to know (or remember) than we have ever dreamed. What little knowledge and/or insight that I have, I want to share. That is why it absolutely gripes my a$$ to have to spend time arguing with fools and morons.

January draws neigh, so I hope to see you around for another post of two.
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