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Default Re: Does a Devil Exist?

The devil can take many forms. I remember a story from a while back about one of the top exorcist in the vatican and his encounters with the devil. One day he woke up and sitting by the bed was the devil himself! I don't remember what form he had but if not mistaken the form of an average man.

Many stories talk of the devil and his different forms. Stories of him appearing as a scottish man dressed in classic scottish clothe, to tales of him dressed in cowboy looks, the demon look with horns, to spirit form as counsil of world leaders and mega corporations.

We are talking about pure, unfiltered evil. The legends and tales talk of the smell of sulfur that accompany this entity, and the unnatural (or supernatural) sense of fear and evil of his presence that those people get that have had encounters with this entity. Something that goes beyond imagination, something we cannot possibly understand.
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