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Default Re: Mystery Space Machines Above -

Barbara wrote:
You have not begun to know hostility, DA; I am thoroughly fed up with you ruining every thread on this forum, you and, now, your little yapping lap dog, Peter. If he were older I would rename him "Dick" or just DH, you figure that one out; take your time, don't strain anything.

Really? You mean you can be even more hostile. WOW! You're special. You're fed up? And, this is suppose to bother me? I haven't ruined every thread. In fact, you ruin any possibility of dialogue with your hostility. I don't have a yapping lap dog. You would rename him. My, you have such powers. I don't strain over anything you write. Not worth it.

You have incurred the disdain and ire of virtually every poster on this site; most of them have left in disgust due to your ceaseless idiotic and superfluous attempts to draw attention to yourself. You have shown a pronounced inability to stay on point.

Actually, when someone bestows attention on me it's of their own doing and not mine. I always stay on point. Most of them have left because they haven't succeeded. Maybe it's time for you to do the same.

You imagine yourself to be a pundit but are, in reality, just a pile-of-it. Someone should have told you that it is better to be silent and thought a fool than to post and remove all doubt.

You are quite the nasty lady, aren't you? You must be such a joy to live with. Anyway, I don't imagine myself to be anything other than what I am. When I post, I'm certainly not a fool, but you're sounding more and more like one with each and every passing day.

You want to protect Peter, fine, don't sit down too quickly to avoid breaking his nose.

Oh, my one poster on this site has agreed with me on certain issues and you refer to that as brown nosing. Unbelievable. How 'bout that brown nosing you do with Rat and Jimbo? Just lovely. I assume you think Peter needs to be protected from you. Speaks volumes of yourself. Anyway. Peter is quite capable of protecting himself. Besides, you're about as harmless as a gnat. Lovely personality you have, by the way.
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