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Default Re: Mystery Space Machines Above -

blueangel, you obviously do not represent the illuminati, you do not represent real truth seekers, real conspiracy theorists, or even your average internet blogger.

you do represent however a very small group of perturbed, hyper active, hyper infectious, hyper disturbing and irritating bunch, of childish and immature provocateurs that without any depth into their reasoning or understanding make amazing claims and implications, you then tie those claims to people that never made neither of those claims, nor did they imply what you claim they implied, and while you would swear to your death that you know what you are talking about, anyone with have of the square root of the brain size you have would realize that you are completely full of it, you create castles in your own head

just because you say you are right doesn’t make it so

you need to get a grip on logic and understanding, of which you have very little

arguing with you or answering you is a complete waste of anyone’s time

go away

get some help

get better

good bye and farewell
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