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David Icke is obviously a man who has read a lot. Because of that, he is able to quote from hundreds of authors. However, this is a case of foolish gathering of information without serious thinking involved to give it a good framework.

Icke is exploring the niche that was left from Erich Von Daniken. His technique is to bombard the reader with a rapid fire of quotes and take conclusions that are not there. Because he does that a thousand times in a book, the reader never stops to evaluate what he is saying. He might say:

The name of the mountains is Himalaya. Ima is the word in Portuguese for magnet, so it means that Himalaya must mean magnet mountain. In fact, the 1867 book of Dr Von Hogwashwitz says that a legend in the Hindu valley talks about magnetic mountains in the north. The myth of Zig Zug in ancient China says that ships traveled from the magnetic mountains. Therefore, we know that UFO travel from Himalaya with magnetic force.

I am making this up, but you can have an idea of his technique. He is NOT a serious scholar. But he counts on the laziness of the readers to check his errors.

He also hates Christianity and devotes half of his book to discredit it. He says Christianity copied the myths of the world, when it is really the contrary. Satan mimics the work of God to confuse people. Icke nevers stops to think about the real meaning of Jesus, forgiveness of sins for us.

He is also a racist, talking about the superiority of the white race because they are supposedly descendants of lizards from outter space. He also says that England is the energy center of the world. Surprisingly, he is white and British !!!

I think Icke is in fact a disinformation agent, maybe a willing one, maybe a deceived one. Satan knows that some people are aware of his plans for a New World Order and he knows he cant deceive them with the usual tools. So he tries to take the soul of these people by distancing them from Jesus and making them believe that lizards are behind the scenes, when in fact Satan and his demons are playing the game.

His description of how alien lizards work is step by step exactly the way demons work. He says they live in another dimension and like to possess and control people to make them do evil things. They like to be adored and like blood rituals. Hmmm...those sound like demons to me. Change lizards for demons and you have the exact christian description of how demons work. Without Jesus to fight them, we would be screwed.

It is sad that Icke thinks he is fighting the works of evil when he is in fact totally controlled by the same beings he says he is combating.

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