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Default Re: Mystery Space Machines Above -

Barbara wrote:
The only point DA has is on top of her head.

She really needs to get some new material.

Oh, well, it was an interesting thread and maybe anyone dropping in will read the first post and just ignore the rest.

Once they see her name on a thread they know what to expect.

Has it dawned on anyone that, with the exception of her drooling idiocy over Springsteen, DA doesn't start many threads? She just goes around dropping her turds on everybody else's threads. I guess she can only do what she can do. Pity.
I'm the author of many threads, Barbara and, if I weren't, is that a prerequisite to posting here?

Your threads aren't your own thoughts. They're articles from other websites and links.

Not very creative, eh?

I enlighten and inform with INTELLIGENCE.

You, on the otherhand, cut and paste.
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