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Default Re: Mystery Space Machines Above -

allright guys. Merry Christmas.

I know Me9, I am very much an illuminist agent. Maybe more so than other people. Thats my dillema. I live in two worlds. My mind is relatively free, but for the rest they have me in complete control. Probably I have done and will do more than any of you to advance their agenda, but I have no choice. I am their slave. The only why to get out of it is to kill myself.

The only thing I can do is complain a bit a the internet and support people like Blue Angel. Its very sad that you guys are attacking a victim of the most horrible torture we can imagine. By doing this you are defending the illuminist themselves. If you really want to make this world a better place, try to understand has been done to people like Blue Angel, because it touches at the core of the illuminst power over society: mind control.

People at this website have many misconceptions about our world. Thats allright, I had all of them before myself. Whats not allright is to have no patience with other peoples opinion. This "conspiracy" website clearly shows how will the mind control of the illuminists works. Just look at all this Ron Paul supporters. If you Barbara and redrat had any clue about how our society is organized, you would never ever join the theater of the "elections". Your support for Ron Paul shows your lack of understanding. Thats allright, but do not blame Blue Angel and me for trying to inform you how society is really organized.
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