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Default Re: Mystery Space Machines Above -

Barbara wrote:
Knowing your type, DA, you will stay up all night to insure that you have the last inane word. But watch out, don't sleep, don't close your eyes - got to be sure you have the last word.

Fill up those pages with your brilliant intellect. Kill those threads. How dare anyone want to discuss topics about which you have no clue.

Springsteen, fill up some more pages about Springsteen and his family whom you so obviously envy.

Do it while you can, your time is almost up.
I think you're doing that right now.

Sorry, but, you're the thread killer and you've managed to trash many a thread tonight all because I posted a reply on your UFO thread.

My, my. Doesn't take much to set Barbara off, does it?

She posts a thread and expects that only those who agree with her should reply.

Sorry, again, Babs, but I could never envy a pedophile and a woman married to one.

I feel sorry for his children.

Oh, goodness, my time is almost up.

What will I do without Club Conspiracy.

Just like heaven on earth, this place!

Put your fangs in Barbara, you're developing a lisp.
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