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Default Re: Why must I convert???

If you are Jewish and you are wise. Then you should be able to see for yourself that there is a group amongs you that are teaching against the revelations Moses (prayers and peace upon him) brought to the Jews. Your teachings state that there should be nothing associated with God. Yet, the Jews who began Christianity associated Jesus with God. The gentiles did not know any better, they were pagans before Christianity. Those Jews did know better, but they thought up a scheme to conquer the Romans. So they invented a religion to conquer them. They control the minds, hearts, and souls, of the gentiles. I know they laugh when they hear a white christian racist defaming Jews. I know they laugh to themselves to say if they were smart they would realize that if they say Jesus is the son of god, then god himself have to be Jewish. Like father, like son?
The best way to stop this madness is to educate the people, but it will be extremely hard to inform someone that their belief was a lie given to them to enslave them. No matter how much reasoning you bring, it will only lead them to further madness. The down fall of western civilization will not be Islam, it will be their understanding of God given to them through Christianity. It was designed to lead them to worship Isreal as the true god. Thank God I came to reason.

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