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Default Re: Pedophiles in the music industry: R'Kelly

I do not like the tune of this article. It seems like a white wash of child abuse by RíKelly. In this article the writer calls it ďkiddiepornĒ. Also the ruling of the judge about the none show of RíKelly in court is understandable. The judge wanted to give a Christmas present to RíKelly by being not to harsh on him. And also the judge did not want to disturb the concerts RíKelly has in 45 cities. The fans would otherwise be disappointed. Such a happy tidings. No wonder that the judge is so nice to him. We know the courts are stacked with freemasons.

What about the young girls RíKelly abused? Will they also have a happy Christmas? No word about that in this article.

At the end of the article the journalist talks a bit about the ďallegedĒ sex which RíKelly had with a 14 year old girl. According to him it was just a video on the internet. Nothing to worry about. RíKellyís fans apparently do not worry either that RíKelly is charged on 14 counts of child abuse. Its such a happy world if your brain does not work.

The message from this article and the RíKelly case is clear. Nothing wrong with being a pedophile. It seems pretty much accepted by the music fans, the judges and the media.
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