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Default Re: merry christmass "bluemagic"

The only time there has been a moderator was to BAN me for inciting too much opposition.

Imagine that.

This site is closing and, even if it were to stay open, Makow doesn't believe in moderating the site and I'm out of here anyway of my own "free will."

All is said and done for now!

Seriously, some of the most disgusting gay sexual images were posted on threads all over the place and they were never removed.

The foul mouthed DEVIL and COLD who, among other things, made reference to my genitalia having been mutilated while incarcerated in Project Monarch because if Springsteen couldn't have me than no one else would, were allowed to stay on, but I was banned for opposing them.

Psychological operations right here on Makow's site.

Emails to Henry about the gay sexual pictures were in vain.

Another poster who rarely posts here wondered why they stayed.

I think he emailed Henry, as well.

I assume Makow believes in FREE SPEECH in any and all forms including RedRat's sexual ramblings not to mention Torchlithill, but squelches me because I incite too much opposition.

He must be talking about Barbara.

There is a THEM thread around here with photoshop pictures of so-called skeleton aliens with a statement prefacing what was to come in 2007 regarding mind control programs and information about the programs, the pictures were removed.

It was all an attempt to have me blame my abuse on aliens.

Didn't work, so the pictures were removed.

Go figure!

But pictures of men having sex stay.
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