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Default Re: merry christmass "bluemagic"


Let's set the record straight. I was banned twice and as stated in the above post the reason given was not because I incite too much opposition. That was the reason given as to why Makow would never allow SOMEONE LIKE ME to take over the site.

The reason given for the first time I was banned was because Makow didn't have the time to look over a kindergarten classroom.

Imagine that!

There were children plentiful and I wasn't one of them.

I remember someone on this site once said to me that I was being set-up.

Set-up for what?

Even if it were an attempt to set-me up, it didn't work.

It doesn't work.

They should know that by now.

Will they never learn their lesson?

I cannot be set-up.

I do the setting up!
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