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Default Re: Sex Sex and more Sex

Minuteman wrote:
I just saw it on TV at 4:30 in the afternoon, an ad for KY jelly, the new type with the gentle warming sensation. Now I'm not a prude or anything but if I had a six year old I would not want to explain what thats all about. We have come a long way from the Andy Mayberry days of TV. Henry has it right, to screw up a society totally all you have to do is attack the family unit with the NWO brand of feminism.

for the women haters in this forum:

this ad you speak of represents the power of the media and company (Johnson & Johnson) to advertise where and what and when they want to.

NWO brand of feminism, your on a different kind of witch hunt i take it. something personal

to screw up society totally is to attack the family unity--this is true. they (our children) are being screwed up more by our schools, churches, and then of course the media.
to keep finding fault with women is not the 'big' NWO area we need to fight.

NWO!!! NWO began way back when. masculine-feminism today is a product of NWO.
look at the women today, they look like chunky men with no waistline and big breasts. us guys should have treated our women better.

then comes the solution for women NOT being taken care of by men--make women manly.

our baby food contains so much hormone and chemical injections that in the future women will be able to punch out a guy with little effort.

some of you guys asked for it. now you got it.
i welcome back a woman to be feminine.

however, i agree---i don't approve of these ads--at least not at that time of the day.

but the NWO agenda is to throw something of interest (whatever it may be to you) and have you get hot and tempered. no need, they want us all to shoot our mouths off about something, a way to alarm us and get under our skin. your's my friend i see is a woman issue. paying alimony?
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