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Default The connection between Christianity, Astrology and New Age

Christmas is just another pagan festival.

With Christmas we celebrate the dead and rebirth of the sun, like the people in the middle-east have been doing for thousands of years before Christianity was invented. At December 22 the sun is at its lowest point and rises in the constellation Virgo, which is a cross. After three days the sun starts moves on and the days start becoming longer again. This is basically the story of Jesus. Jesus died at the cross (the sun stays in the constellation Virgo for three days when the days are at its shortest). Jesus rises from the dead after three days (the sun moves out of the constellation Virgo after three days). The exact same story of a guy who dies on the cross and rises from the dead after three days can be found all over the middle-east. Just look for instance at the story of Horus. Apparently when the romans invented Christianity they borrowed stories from the local pagan religions to make it more attractive to them. From the middle-east they took the sun worship (the story of jesus), from northern Europe tree worship was incorporated (your Christmas tree), the creation story comes from summer. Most of the churches in Europe are build on places were previous pagan temples stood.

Another interesting point is the connection between religions such as Christianity and astrology.

When the earth moved under the constellation piches (fish) a new religion was given to the people: Christianity. The symbol of Christianity is the fish. Now we are moving a new sign of the zodiac: Aquarius. This means that the Christian time is over now. For every sign of the zodiac there is a new religion. Thatís why New Age was introduced. This will be the religion of the New Age, the Age of Aquarius. Probably a new prophet will comes soon to seal the fate of Christianity and officially announce the religion of the Age of Aquarius: New Age.

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