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Default The Merry Christmas Wishes Thread

In the season of happiness and as all of DA's postings will soon be vapourised, I would like to extend my wishes to all of you and to see you reciprocate!

Merry Christmas Rat, I hope that Santa brings you that special AK47 you've been wishing for as well as that heavy duty life like blow up suzy doll!

Merry Christmas Dick (er Peter), I hope Santa brings you that junior science kit so that you can learn some scientific jargon for when you are pretending to be a scientist.

Merry Christmas DA, I hope santa brings you some visitors.

Merry Christmas Barbara, I hope Santa finds someone for you to be cruel to in person.

Merry Christmas SeC, I hope Santa brings you a brain so that you too can realise just how stupid your postings really are!

Merry Christmas Shadow, I hope that Santa brings you a new Data Viper detector. Maybe then you will realise that they don't exist.

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