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Default Re: merry christmass "bluemagic"


I represent everything the "good doctor" is supposedly against, but, what the hell?

He bans me and let's the "controllers" stay along with COLD and The Devil.

He speaks against this "satanic cult" who owns the world, worships the devil, Lucifer, Satan, but bans me. a person who was incarcerated in this cult, and allows the DEVIL to stay.

Allows the gay pornography to stay.

Those who verbally abuse me, are most likely here because they have been sent here for that purpose.

They are SO enlightened as to the NWO, but follow their MO by spreading nothing but "scare tactics," same as Jones.

They cannot stomach what I speak about Springsteen and all else that I was subjected to while incarcerated in MKULTRA/Project Monarch and reported then and now as an OPERATIVE.


Makes perfect sense!

Go figure!

They're all a bunch of "mind controlled" slaves themselves.

RedRat, Delta, Shadow, George_Bush, ME9 and all the rest.
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