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Default Re: Sex Sex and more Sex

Don't get me wrong. I do like women. I married for life and I'm from the old school. My fathers generation of women mostly stayed home. Only 2 generations later the economy is so tanked that both parents now have to work. They leave their preschool kids with other people 12 hours a day. That is a structured day with strangers during the really formative years of children. I can testify as to the results because my wife was able to work only part time nights when my kids were little. My kids are far above their counterparts in the normalcy department. I'm all for equal rights for women but the NWO goes the step further in forcing them out of the home. Its the stigma put on women today. Oh, your a stay at home mom? Is that all? Didn't you want to do something with your life? That kind of shit. Thats what riles me.
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