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Default Re: The Earth is NOT Moving!

P Scholtz

Here is all the proof you need to know the Earth is geocentric and geostatic.
The Earths atmosphere would be left behind if
the Earth were travelling at 67,000 mph around the sun and 500,000+ mph around the milky way.
Just like a comets tail being left behind, it's the same with the Earth and its atmosphere.
The Earths atmosphere is a gas and the Earth is a solid so it is impossible for them to be attached. With your own eyes and hands you can see and feel to know that they are not attached in any way.
You do not believe what your own senses tell you because you are following the herd instict.
You do not hear the truth from NASA otherwise their 20,000 employees x $80,000 per year would vanish and they would have to go back to their home towns hanging around the video arcade and smoking pot just like mentor Carl Sagann used to do.
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