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Default Re: Will Makow sell me this site???

Peter wrote:
I suggest we all go to conspiracy central. It has 13.000 members and Leo Zagami is posting there. Henri is very bussy keeping his website going. He surely has no time to babysit here. I guess if he can not find a person he trusts he will shut this site down. Anyway I respect his decision. He can not let his good name being smucked by some idiots in this forum.
How busy is Henry?

He writes one article per week.

It's not about babysitting.

It's about moderation.

If he were concerned about HIS GOOD NAME and this site that he created, he would have taken action alot sooner and hired a moderator.

I'm sure this forum had a purpose and the purpose has run its' course and, therefore, Makow's desire to shut it down.

Makow isn't a savior, Peter.

Who are we all?

You're going to go over there with RedRat, Shadow, George_Bush, Delta, etc., etc.

Oh, sounds like loads of fun.

Have a great time.
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