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Default Re: It Depends On What Kind Of Stuff You Are Smoking

Rush loonie...


If I lost 60 pounds, I would only weigh 60 pounds. You like anorexia, idiot?

Shopping cart... better men than you have picked through recyclables to provide for their families.

I hope you don't have children.

Ever read a book called small worlds, Einstein? It's quantum physics and it is more interesting than anything you could ever hope to proclaim as your own thoughts.

Your door must be broken... I just waltzed straight back in.

Don't hate loony, appreciate.

I guess you support Bush and his silence of the peanut gallery known as democracy and free speech.

Grow up man and get a life. Raed a book and learn to be civil. Ecology: you're a part of it. Stop being so damn poisonous. Again, grow up!

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