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Default Re: US government at work

Yes Nomad, US Government at work is right.
Thank you for this article. I hope everyone that is a regular here, or just peep-in as guest will take the time to read this thread. Also, I hope each one of us after doing so will tell at least one other person about it.

Also, not to take away from the core of this thread, this morning I listened to a local dejay who interviewed George Lucas about Starwars III.
The rating will be PG-13, even though the contents is very deep in story line and outcome. The dejay asked George Lucas if he were comfortable with this rating given the context.
He said, he was-----for that there was nothing he can do about it. Yeah right.
This is where they are taking our children, to areas of sight and mind that are horrid, unhuman, and nothing to do with life as it was intended to be.
I feel they are trying to create children to be the "beast" of tomorrow.
I am so saddened by this, words cannot express.

Sincerely, Get_Real
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