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Default Re: Will Makow sell me this site???

Delta wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
Delta wrote:
BlueAngel wrote:
Who cares if Makow sells this site to you or anyone else?

After requesting I leave so everyone else who is so in tune to the NWO could continue to enlighten and discuss, who shows up but DELTA QUEEN and what happens?

Everyone continues to discuss me.

Yeah, just a hotbed of important issues being discussed amongst people like RedRat, George_Bush, ME9, Shadow, Roscoe and Delta.

So enlightening.

Certainly, if Makow sold the site to you, the same MO would continue.
It would continue this way unless you were IP banned indefinitely.

Poor little BA against the rest of the nasty world. Classic paranoia.
If you think the nasty world consists of yourself and the other posters named, you are giving yourself too much credit.

Everyone is IP banned.

Delta is paranoid.
What you just said; Does it make sense to you? How is everyone IP banned? Do you even know what IP stands for?

Guess not, just another ignorant reply from the fountain of ignorance!
You don't understand apparently, because you've been banned, but you're back.

You're paranoid.

Maybe Makow already sold this site to you!

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