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Delta wrote:
As Blue Angel seems to be going over the edge, I have decided to perform a little experiment.

As Delta seems to be going over the edge, I have decided to perform a little experiement.

As it seems that I am the only one that is actually corresponding with her, I feel partialy responsible for her current state of mind.

I communicate on a daily basis with NORMAL people and my state of mind is PERFECT. I don't consider you normal. You're just part of the job. Interference that doesn't interfere with my life.

Therefore I have decided to ignore her for the remaining few days that this site will remain open. I am hoping that by not responding to here, she may either calm down or, better yet, leave.

Why don't you take out a full page ad because I'm sure everyone is just so interested in your activities. I'm completely calm. I did leave and it seems when I did no one had anything to add to this forum except for conversation about me as you are doing now.

As me9, rat and peter also respond to her, I would ask for your cooperation in the next few days by also ignoring her and join me in observing the results.

I do not respond to Rat, or Me9. You dear, along with others are the ones who can't ignore me. You have proven that. When I'm not here, the only conversation on the forum is about me.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.
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