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Default The Facts on Ghost

There are people who claim that when a person dies he stays in this world speaking & walking untill its time to him to go. that a lie when people die they go to there grave wether they have a body or not & wether they have a grave or not. spirits of the dead people will be confronted in thair graves ethier they have long gardens & weman or they have a small grave & a man who punishes him untill judgmentday. On the other hand, what are the things we see or here if seeing it is an imagination if it is hereing well there are devices that interact with radio & telliphone that people call it white noise but it is a devise that either people use it just for a cheap phone call or just to mess with people to think that these voices come from ghosts. but there are creatures live between us you can call them ghosts becouse they are invisible & they are made of fire these are creatures like us they have a religion they have conspiracies but they are fast as lightening & made of fire if people claim they saw it well tell him to describe how he looks like if he says it looks like a human welll he is either lying or imagining.

* summery:
1)dead people end up in graves they do not walk in our world.

2) white noise come from people who use devices to scare people. (like the phenomena of people seeing or abdocted by alians either lying or imagining)

3) there are invisible creatures made of fire they do not look like humans at all.

4)if a person claims to see a ghost & says he looks like a human either he is lying or imagining.

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