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Default Re: Economic Indicators: Charts

Displaying Images: :-o :-o :-o

Apparently, when inserting ”images” (i.e., .jpg, .gif, .bmp, etc.,) w/in the text to be posted, these ”images” have to reside somewhere. The best place for them to reside, in this case, is “somewhere” in the Internet. This way, provided the site serving the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of the ”image” to be displayed, is up & running, the ”image” will “display” along w/ the “text” at this Forum. However, many articles have ”images” where the URL of their ”images” is not easily discernible, &/or accessible, so if you want a copy of the ”image” all you can do is “download” it locally onto your hard-drive.

Now, if you edit a “post” & along w/ the text, you include ”images” that are located in your local hard-drive, as I did in this “thread,” then the problem is that, while I am browsing the Forum, I can see my posts w/ both “text” & ”images”. I thought this was also the case w/ all other visitors & “surfers” of the site. However, one day I purposely deleted a copy & a “reduced” version of an ”image” I used for posting, & low & behold, the ”image” did not “display,” since the “repository” (or the place where this ”image” is stored & retrieved from) was located at my local machine. And thus the ”image” did not show up. After a few seconds of thought I realized the reason why the ”image” was no longer visible, when in fact it was, a few moments before I deleted it from my hard-drive.

The only solution to that, & besides finding a “global” URL located in the Internet, is to “upload” the ”images” to “ClubConspiracy.” However, this might not only imply extra memory & hardware requirements from the club, & thus cost, but in addition there might be some legal issues I am not aware of.

In any case, I apologize for the fact that a lot of these ”images” were not being made available to “you,” the viewer, for display, but due to the current design implementation & restrictions of this site, this is what we have to deal w/. However, the Forum does offer a lot of other good things…
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