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Default Re: When is the last day for this site?

Peter wrote:
People like Zagami requir a different way of discussion. I wonder if these guys in conspiracy central are ready for it. Anyway, they are finding out that its not so easy to talk to people like Zagami.

Zagami is boring,And this site will close on Monday, don't fight it, move on with your lives, get your self prepared for what lies ahead spritually and physically, there is not one website out there worth clamoring about and arguing.
There all meaningless in the end.

There is a thread here about archiving material onto another site, here it is...

Archive Entire Websites

Conspiracy Websites, who would of thought that they could cause so much arguing and nonsensical petty finger pointing, BA???? This means you BA.

And if you decide to read the thread linked to up there on CC, archiving websites, I would just follow up by "recommending" reading this thread about the Constitution, 'that damm piece of paper' hey "Peter,"whose thoughts are in line with G.W.Bush. :-?
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