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Default Re: What happend to Club Conspiracy

55132 wrote:
CC was invaded by trolls in service to the powers that be using the code name blue angel among others. PLus many wannabees and useful idots MOst if not all of the thinking people stopped passing through a long time ago. Sheesh id rather listen to ahmad than to blue angel and thats much to say.

CC was occupied by trolls such as yourself, RedRat, Shadow, to name a few when I arrived and the others who post nothing but PROPAGANDA. A bunch of NWO thugs.

a site like this needs a strong hands on moderator with time to stop all these trolls

This site started so well and now its a latrine

when you see the same trolls posting continuesly you just have to ask yourself how can they do that?

Yes, agreed. Trolls such as RedRat, Shadow, George_Bush, ME9 to name a few.

They where on a mission and they won.


I was on a mission against the NWO and the thugs who occupy this site and I won.
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