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Default Re: What happend to Club Conspiracy

Delta wrote:
A site like this will also die with strong moderation. Conspiracy only thrives in a loosely moderated environment.

The problem is less with trolls (although I have seen quiet a few over the years) but with members that are mentaly challenged. There are a few that have been here for a while. I am sure you know the loud one that has already been banned twice and yet she returns with the same name after her ban expired.

You are the worst troll on this site. I don't hide such as yourself and the rest of those who are banned and return with different usernames. You are mentally challenged, my dear.

I must agree that this place has become a toilet, and she is probably responsible for 90% of that.

No. You are responsible for this place becoming a toilet along with the rest of your cohorts and NWO thugs.

I had to come in as Delta because she was getting on my nerves once more and I thought she actually created you in order to feed off each other.

Good to know I got on your nerves. You deserve nothing less.

Ignoring her seems to be working, her posts are becoming increasingly pathetic.

Everything you post has been pathetic.

Kinda poetic, watching the turd get flushed down the toilet of its creation.

You must be referring to yourself.
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