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Default Nikola Tesla & Zero Point Energy Links

[img align=left]C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Xfer\Photos\genius_inventor_nikola _tesla_05.gif[/img]

Nikola Tesla, indeed one of the greatest inventors of our time, if not the greatest. And undeservedly forgotten.

Nikola Tesla

Inventor Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Auto-Biography

About Marconi & Tesla

Secret Tesla Weapons

Tesla's Free Energy Tower

Nikola Tesla Ignored by The Smithsonian

Complete Patents Of Nikola Tesla - Book

Hidden Mysteries Books - Nikola Tesla

Radiant Energy - Tesla's Greatest Secret

Tesla Revered by Students

Tesla Shield

Tesla Weapons

Tesla's 'Egg Of Columbus'

Tesla's 'Death Ray' In 1940 NY Times

PBS Documentary "Tesla: Master Of Lightning"

Tesla's Death Beam About To Go Operational

Brent's High Voltage Tesla Coils

These are not necessarily Tesla related links, but some of them are either directly or indirectly related, & the rest are just interesting…

Reincarnation as a Scientific Fact

John C. Lilly's Homepage

Irish Inventor Cracks World's Energy Needs

Electro-Magnetic Device Can Power Home

Zero Point Energy Is Tapped

Effective Vibrational Energy


Orion Technology

Speed Of Light Might Change

Scientists Manipulate Speed Of Light

Scientists Break Speed of Light

Secure Links Underwater w- Reversed Broadcasts

Low-Frequency Active (LFA) High-Powered Sonar & The Ocean's Health

Whales & LFA Sonar Interactive

Microwave Vertical Array ELF Towers

Hawaii Opposes Navy LFA Sonar

Detected ELF Waves & Human Antenna

Theory of Elementary Particles

Nikola Tesla’s Auto-Biography

you’ll see that Tesla used to travel to other worlds, not physically, but mentally, or in consciousness. Sort of like when you “astral travel” & leave your physical “body” during a meditation. Obviously, another reason why “they” wouldn’t want the world to know about Tesla (by having to admit to such truth), yet they took & profited from all of his inventions. He practically invented every piece of “electrical” device in use today, w/ the exception of the “integrated circuits”, which revolutionized the amount of microscopic “electronic circuits” you can place inside a “silicon wafer,” & thus multiply the capacity of functions you can perform in a given amount of “real estate” (space). For example, a lap-top computer today would have, 40 years ago, filled rooms or buildings w/ electrical devices.

Project Woodpecker

[img align=left]C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Xfer\Photos\mars_face_09_01.jpg[/img]
If you read some of “Richard Hoagland” ( ), & “David Wilcock” ( ) (who claims to be a reincarnation of “Edgar Casey” ( ) – if you look at their pictures, they are almost identical) you’ll find that according to Hoagland’s Hyperdimensional Theory, “Global Warming” is a direct result of the Hyperdimensional Physics of the “Solar System.” The theory basically has to do w/ the “Sacred Geometry” of matter, at the atomic levels, & it even further expands to the other “dimensions” & “vibratory” levels of existence. The different “realities” or “planes of existence” unfold out of these “universal” geometrical shapes. David & Hoagland, & on their own research, go on to explain how our solar system is, right now, undergoing a process of “transformation”, where it is literally changing into a higher-vibratory level.

They explain how, in the last decades & years, & in particular over the last century, major changes have been recorded throughout the entire solar system, where our “global warming” is actually, part of this process, but since the controllers want to keep us “blind-folded” about all of this “secret knowledge”, they blame man for the “global warming” (while they can use that as an excuse for another “tax,” & thus keep us on our knees), which is mostly a result of this Hyperdimensional “change” . Actually, the energy (light) doesn’t just travel from the Sun outwards, but it also travels outwards, from w/in the “planets” themselves, & their respective “magnetic fields.” This also includes “human beings,” where the energy “transmutes” via the “chakras.” In essence, all energy emanates or unfolds from the “ether,” (or “aether”) visible or not. There is not such a thing as a “pure vacuum.” There is more energy in a “vacuum” than science wants to publicly admit. That’s where “Zero-Point-Energy” comes from.

Wilcock also explains how this change is directly related to what is called the “Ascension” process, or the “rapture”. Where at some point in time, people will actually “disappear” from this “reality”, yet they will still “exist” on a “higher-vibrational” spiritual plane. The reason that some will not be “transcended” is that they are so “psychologically” attached to the “plane” of “matter” & thus not very “spiritually attuned,” that they will remain here. However, those that “escape” from this “reality” will definitely live in a completely different “world”, as we know it. Supposedly, there are records where in the past we have had other indigenous civilizations (i.e. Mayan) literally disappear, from the earth in the same fashion. This usually takes place through a Hyperdimensional “vortex”.


Definition: ether, aether

Sol System - Hyperdimensional Physics

Stone Circle 'Second To Stonehenge' Discovered

Mysteries At The Stonehenge

The Edgar Cayce Of Physics Decodes The Universe

Convergence III

Convergence - The Mathematics Of Ascension

Why The Mayan Calendar Ends In 2012

The Mayan Calendar - The World Will Not End

The Nefilim Maya

The End of the Mayan Calendar – 2012

“About Nikola Tesla, Marconi, & Edison” :-o :-o :-o

What I have either read or heard by some people is that what Marconi actually did was to bring the “radio” to market, & that similarly, Edison commercialized the “light bulb.” That also takes a lot of lab work. One thing is to “invent” the thing from scratch, which as we know “Nikola Tesla” was brilliantly gifted & capable of performing, thus he was definitely a “scientist & inventor.” That’s where he spent most of his time & energy. Another, is to actually take an invention & make it commercially feasible for a mass market. That is an entirely different task.

One thing for certain, is that often times the person in charge of an engineering project usually takes the credit for the results, such as Marconi & Edison, when in fact there might be many other inventors, engineers & technicians involved in creating, implementing & perfecting the basic idea or invention being developed.

However, I still feel that the knowledge of what “Nikola Tesla” gave us have been purposely kept in the ”shadows of darkness.”

More On Nikola Tesla - :-o :-o :-o

Hubble's New "Runaway Planet"

Critics Fire Blanks

Did HAARP "Plan Evil Weather" for December 7th?

Hyperdimensional Physics: Sacred Geometry - :-o :-o :-o

[img]C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Xfer\Photos\hdp_sacgeo_tetrahedral geometry02.jpg[/img]

The Divine Cosmos – by David Wilcock

THE ENERGETIC TRANSFORMATION OF OUR ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM is now underway, and we are already feeling the effects – which the US Environmental Protection Agency admitted in a front-page New York Times article in 2002, (which Bush later dubbed “an act of the bureaucracy”) but is attempting to blame on global warming. This is by far the most facile and under-informed opinion about what is going on, though human pollution is certainly causing considerable damage to the Earth’s biosphere.

In this book, we go miles beyond either of our previous two books in the Convergence series… The Shift of the Ages and The Science of Oneness. If you liked these books… just wait. When we wrote these books, we had not yet discovered the entirely new world of Russian physics… and once we found it, ALL the pieces fit together.

We now present a completely Unified model, showing how the same energetic fields are at work on all levels of size, from the quantum to intergalactic. This proves that the Universe is holographic and / or fractal in its very nature. This model has never existed in such a complete form in any of our recent history, at least overtly. Many annoying paradoxes of science have now been resolved into one single, stable multi-dimensional cosmology – which has dazzling implications for our immediate future.

The information contained within this book has waited long enough. It keeps banging on the door, because it wants a hot meal and a warm place to sleep in your mind. Start learning what a part of you already knows… come and discover The Divine Cosmos.

Ch00 - Prologue - The Mystery is Revealed

Ch01 - The Breakthroughs of Dr. N.A. Kozyrev

Ch02 - Light on Quantum Physics

Ch03 - Sacred Geometry in the Quantum Realm

Ch04 - The Sequential Perspective

Ch05 - Large Scale Geometric Energy Forms

Ch06 - The Universal Heartbeat

Ch07 - Spherical Energy Structures in the Cosmos

Ch08a- Supplemental- The Ultimate Secret of the Mayan Calendar

Ch08b- The Matrix Is A Reality

Ch09 - Pyramid Power - Harnessing Torsion Waves & Consciousness

Ch10 - Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow

Tesla & Marconi - :-o :-o :-o

Nikola Tesla

Tesla & Marconi

From: Atlantis Rising – Issue 13

Genius Inventor Nikola Tesla – :-o :-o :-o

<img src="">
Nikola Tesla (Photo)

If you want to understand Nikola Tesla a little better & in his own world, you might want to read his “Auto-Biography.” The fact that he thought in pictures is not abnormal. As a matter of fact, that is supposed to be a “trait” of most engineers. Not everybody uses their brains the same, just as not everyone has the same skeletal-muscular systems & therefore do not exhibit the same physical performance. Some people tend to think in words & use their left-brains more, whereas other people process mental activity more in pictures & tend to be right-brain dominant, which is supposed to be the “creative brain.” Those that use both of their left-&-right-brains in “synchronicity” can consider themselves fortunate. The good news is that our brains can be developed, just as our muscles can.

Nikola Tesla Auto-Biography

Nikola Tesla & Free-Energy Extraction :-o :-o :-o

Nikola Tesla – The Man, The Genius, The Inventor

<img src=""><img src="">
Tesla's Coil Lab Tesla's Death Mask

The death mask of Nikola Tesla in the offices of Gernsback Publications, New York City, in celebration of the Tesla centennial, June 25, 1956. The mask was heavily electroplated with copper, a process that took ten days, and was mounted on a marble-composition pedestal. Three medallions, executed in bas-relief on the base, commemorate Tesla's greatest inventions: the Tesla oscillation transformer , the first AC induction motor, and the tower for wireless power transmission.

NOTE: Although not mentioned, the "Oscillation Transformer" is the same as what they called the "Resonant Transformer" & it is a "Free-Energy-Device", since it provides a higher energy "output" than it is "input" into the system. What we also don't know is whether there was a time when his coil designs were perfected & did not require any further "input power", & thus were completely powered from that "invisible source of energy" he had found.

The Missing Papers - On Nikola Tesla

Born in Smiljan, Yugoslavia :-o, 9 July 1856, Nikola Tesla became a driving force in the invention of electrical devices and equipment, as well as being something of a prophet.

Unable to interest European engineers in a new alternating current motor he had conceived, Tesla went to the United States in 1884 and joined Thomas Edison in the designing of dynamos. But the two men soon fell out. Tesla left his employer and set up his own laboratory dedicated to showing the feasibility of Alternating Current.

In 1891 Tesla unveiled his famous coil, which is still widely used today in electronic equipment, including television & radio. Tesla's coil is an electrical device for producing an intermittent source of high voltage. It consists of an induction coil with a central cylindrical core of soft iron onto which are wound two insulated coils: an inner(primary) coil of a few turns of copper wire, and a surrounding,secondary coil with a large number of turns of thin copper wire. An interrupter is used for making and breaking the current in the primary coil automatically. This "current" magnetizes the "iron core" and produces a "large magnetic field" through the "induction coil." For experimentation with the high voltage output of power from his coil, Tesla produced a gas-filled, phosphore coated tubular light -- forerunner of today's florescent light.

A measure of Tesla's inventiveness can be seen by his tele-automatic boat of 1898 which was guided by remote control. Then in 1900 he made what many have claimed as his finest discovery – terrestrial stationary waves. He proved with this discovery that the earth could be used as a conductor and would be as responsive as a tuning fork (resonant) to electric vibrations of a certain “pitch” (frequency). He also lighted 200 electric lamps without wires from a distance of 25 miles and created man-made lightning, producing flashes of some 135 feet. Tesla was convinced at one time that he was receiving signals from another planet at his Colorado laboratory. But his claims were met with derision from the scientific press. His ideas later became even more speculative. He asserted that he was able to split the world in half like an apple and that he had invented a 'death ray' that could destroy aircraft 250 miles away. His ideas concerning communication with other planets met with incredulity. Yet in 1917 he accurately forecasted the coming of the radar.


More Nikola Tesla…

General Tesla Coil Circuit

Typical Tesla Coil Schematic

Tesla Coil – Explained

Tesla Coil - Dave's Page

Tesla Coil - Resonance Energy – Free For The Asking

Tesla Coil - Operation Explained – P1

Tesla Coil - Operation Explained – P2 – Quenching

Tesla Coil – Wikipedia

Energy Sucking Radio Antennas


Zero Point Energy Devices - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Zero Point Energy Devices - ???

Free Energy - I Have Seen It With My Own Eyes

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"... An “Informed Citizen” makes a good “Patriot.”

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